High risk factors for sexual assault/abuse

  • People with physical/cognitive/mental disabilities or anything other than “normal” often receive inadequate sexual education, if they receive any at all
  • Those on the spectrum are less likely to pick up on social cues that could indicate danger or realize that they may have non-verbally implied things that they are not aware of
  • Often people on the spectrum are “gullible” and don’t realize when someone is using them
  • Prone to depression and a whole bunch of other not fun things
  • Likely to be picked on in general and not have so many friends, so someone wanting to talk to or spend time with you seems great! (instead of seeming suspicious or dangerous in many contexts)
  • Sexual activity can give social acceptance not otherwise available
  • “Telling” on someone who does something to them would only make bullying/isolation worse
  • Issues with appropriate boundaries
  • so many other reasons…

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