Brainstorming for survey

So some of the people who have talked to me have suggested a survey.

I figured I would start brainstorming a list of possible questions/topics for it:

  1. Do you have a diagnosis of an ASD? Do you believe you should have one?
  2. How old were you when you were professionally diagnosed? (self diagnosed?)
  3. Have you even experienced any form of sexual, physical, emotional, of psychological abuse? (if no, continue to question #
  4. Have you had more than separate experience (with a different abuser)?
  5. Have you been subjected to ongoing or repeated abuse by one (or a group of) abusers?
  6. If you feel comfortable, please elaborate as much as you can about the types of abuse.
  7. At the time of the first incidence, had you been diagnosed with an ASD? (if no, continue to questions #10)
  8. Was the abuser (or were the abusers) aware of your diagnosis?
  9. Do you believe that your diagnosis (either their awareness of it or the characteristics you possessed) had an effect on any of the events in a significant way? (continue to question 11)
  10. Do you think that if you had already received a diagnosis prior to that point it would have affected any of the events significantly?
      To be continued…please feel free to give suggestions

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