Am I disabled?


As someone who sees things better when there is some structure, I decided to make a chart for this part. Also, I consider chronic medical conditions and the like as included in my category of “disabled”.

Disabled Not disabled
I am covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act I can walk without any assistive devices
I employ the use of college disability services I can take the stairs instead of needing an elevator (except when my asthma or an old soccer injury acts up)
I need to take multiple medications daily I can see with only the help of my prescription glasses
I have spent my spring (as well as other) breaks primarily going to various medical specialists I have never had a serious surgical procedure that has required me to spend the night in the hospital
I see someone regularly to help me compensate for difficulties I have that are related to my diagnosis I have never been admitted as an inpatient to the hospital
When people say “person”, I know that what they are envisioning differs from me in at least one way When people see me, they don’t pity me based on the functioning of my body
People have felt bad for me purely because of a diagnosis I am able to enter the main entrance of a building and not have to use a side entrance
I have been made to feel that somehow because of my accommodations, I was being given an unfair disadvantage I can go to the doctor and the exam table has been created for a body like mine
I cannot take exams in the room with everyone else in the same amount of time I can take an exam using the same exam copy that the rest of the class does
When filling out forms/applications I have to be careful about how much I disclose so that I won’t be denied merely because they assume I am not capable of certain functions because of that information I can read the menu at a coffeeshop/restaurant in the format they have available and I can order and be understood by the people working there
Most systems in our society were created in a way that are not conducive to my abilities Nobody describes me based upon my disability, “the deaf/blind/wheelchair/etc girl”
I have been denied accommodations that a a medical professional has requested for me because they weren’t “reasonable” Most people who know me, do not realize there is anything different about me
I have had to do things in a way contrary to what comes naturally to me People who do not know me, rarely realize there is something “wrong” with me
People don’t regularly ask me if I need “help” when I do things I’m capable of doing

This is obviously not a complete list.

Also, it brings up the issue of able-bodied privilege.

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