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Categories of impact

ASD impact areas

  • vulnerability/likelihood of the experience occurring
  • how it was perceived (both physically and mentally) at the time
  • nature of and actions of abuse (e.g. withholding medications, using traits such as hypo/hyper-sensory issues against the person, etc)
  • how others reacted to any reference made to it
  • how the person was affected by it afterward
  • if medical/legal help was attempted
  • medical/legal response to person as well as overall experience in those systems
  • PTSD likelihood, interactions between trauma and comorbid disorders/common tendencies
  • recovery process (support system, services available, ability to obtain etc)

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Brainstorming for survey

So some of the people who have talked to me have suggested a survey.

I figured I would start brainstorming a list of possible questions/topics for it:

  1. Do you have a diagnosis of an ASD? Do you believe you should have one?
  2. How old were you when you were professionally diagnosed? (self diagnosed?)
  3. Have you even experienced any form of sexual, physical, emotional, of psychological abuse? (if no, continue to question #
  4. Have you had more than separate experience (with a different abuser)?
  5. Have you been subjected to ongoing or repeated abuse by one (or a group of) abusers?
  6. If you feel comfortable, please elaborate as much as you can about the types of abuse.
  7. At the time of the first incidence, had you been diagnosed with an ASD? (if no, continue to questions #10)
  8. Was the abuser (or were the abusers) aware of your diagnosis?
  9. Do you believe that your diagnosis (either their awareness of it or the characteristics you possessed) had an effect on any of the events in a significant way? (continue to question 11)
  10. Do you think that if you had already received a diagnosis prior to that point it would have affected any of the events significantly?
      To be continued…please feel free to give suggestions

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    *Disclaimer: I have not read all of these nor am I posting them as a sign that I support/agree with all of their views. I hope to read more and be able to post based on endorsement but at this time they are simply what I am finding. Please let me know if there is anything offensive*


    General Sexuality and Disability


    Sexuality and Autism


    Disability and Abuse



    Please feel free to comment if you have any suggestions for articles

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    High risk factors for sexual assault/abuse

    • People with physical/cognitive/mental disabilities or anything other than “normal” often receive inadequate sexual education, if they receive any at all
    • Those on the spectrum are less likely to pick up on social cues that could indicate danger or realize that they may have non-verbally implied things that they are not aware of
    • Often people on the spectrum are “gullible” and don’t realize when someone is using them
    • Prone to depression and a whole bunch of other not fun things
    • Likely to be picked on in general and not have so many friends, so someone wanting to talk to or spend time with you seems great! (instead of seeming suspicious or dangerous in many contexts)
    • Sexual activity can give social acceptance not otherwise available
    • “Telling” on someone who does something to them would only make bullying/isolation worse
    • Issues with appropriate boundaries
    • so many other reasons…

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    Doctors should…

    Top five things you wish happened/didn’t happen in your last doctors appointment?

    Top five things you wish people knew in a medical setting about ASDs?

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